And I’m off and running….

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Well where did those two weeks go, it has been quite an interesting time since I last posted, just as I was thinking now is the time to get stuck into that DevOps training what with my current contract coming to an end and some downtime looming, we get a Covid 19 Pandemic, this meant that I had to turn my attention to making sure my family was OK and ready for a some isolation time. This preparation went well we are all safe and reasonably happy. I also had to make sure the company I was leaving was OK, that I had passed on all the knowledge transfer I needed to do and tied up all my loose ends. So with all that done and time stretching before me its now really time to be onwards and upwards towards DevOps.

On the webinar that I mentioned before by Mike Pfieffer. I had highlighted a number of areas that I would need to look at and expand on, this I did in amongst the last couple of weeks amongst the preparation and work. I shared a list of the areas I thought I might need to look at on my first post about DevOps. Below is the list with the decisions and Ideas I have about the way forward for myself

  1. Systems Administration (sysadmin) — I feel after a number of years in a few different environments that I am ok with this, but Mike mentioned Linux, so I am going to look into maybe some certification in linux. The Linux Foundation Certification looks good.
  2. How Web Applications Work (web app) —Need to do work here to make sure my understanding is correct
  3. One Programming/Scripting language (programming) —People that know me will tell you I am a mad Powershell geek, I have no issues here, so I am going to have a look at Python too, whilst doing Powershell for all the things I learn. 
  4. Infrastructure as Code (IAAS)— This is where the real fun is for me I think, I have over the last week or two looked into this and its great, love it to bits as the saying goes, I’ve looked into Terraform, ARM templates, its quite a powerful thing. So for me this is a multi-fold study area. Terraform to build the servers, Chef/Puppet to configure them, so two areas here, not to mention Containers….no lets not mention them I’ll get giddy
  5. Cloud Native Technologies (Cloud) –Easy choice this Azure. so AZ-103 and then AZ-400 or at least those two exams, AZ-400 will be done following the CloudSkills Boot Camp
  6. CI/CD (CI/CD) — An area I need to know but I get the feeling when I want to implement all of the above this will become second nature and is a skill I can pick up as I go along

So that all said its quite a lot to do, but withe the current circumstances I have the time now to get started and well under way. Deciding what comes first. I think that maybe harder than deciding what I need to know.

To make this easier to follow Ive in brackets put Categories and any post I put will have at leats one this ein that tells me where I am thinking that post will sit. I am hoping to do a couple of posts a week, some short, some long. Should be good.

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