About Me

I always wondered what I would write here if I ever had to do an about me page, do I drone on about all the projects and adventures I have had in the world of IT, do I add anecdotes about my family life it a bit of a quandary.

After some though I decided that all the rest of the blog will be technical…well my version of it anyways so this bit is about the me..behind the technical me…the untechnical means it were

So my name is Robin Snelson…hence the website URL, I don’t think my age matters suffice to say I am not young though not old…sort of middle in age… I have been a techie a long time well over 20 years before which I did some exciting and some not so exciting things.

I am married to the lovely Lyndsey. She puts up with all the long days and time away for which I am very grateful, we have 3 sons, Nathan, George and Hayden, all of which I am very proud.

I have a wide range of interests including Military History, Walking, Photography and Plastic Modelling. A couple of these are passions I have along with my passion for technology.

Theres really not much else to say except I wanted you to know that there are other things I enjoy other than computing.