On this page I will add all the sources that I have found that have helped me along the way…. I know I am just starting out on this blog, but I have been a techie for a long time….so this could fill up quicker than any other part of the blog. I will list anything and everything I can.

Blogs – Great resource can’t recommend him enough, follow him on twitter too he has loads of tips you shouldn’t miss. –¬†A great blog with lots of great information, A VMWare MVP Р Full of great articles and information to keep you interested – A blog by a Solarwinds MVP, many interesting articles


Terraform getting Started Ned Bellavance the first course I did from him, cracking teacher enjoyed it immensely

Implementing Terraform on Microsoft Azure Second course by Ned Bellavance that I did and again great content, I am now moving onto trying to build some Azure environments by myself