Create a windows Server Arm Template

Well after a funny if not hectic few weeks of my life I can now get now get back to posting on my blog again. The reasons why the blog was set p had to change and now rather than charting my progress through one exam after another will be more my way of showing what I am doing in the world of technology along with the things I find interesting. After passing AZ-104 I have turned my attentions to AZ-400 I am doing this with the help of a course from Mike Pfieffer at which is the Azure DevOps Bootcamp aimed at that very exam.

To say that I am enjoying it would be an understatement, its ultra interesting and fills all the right boxes for me, from Powershell, IAAS and lots of other great things. Plus I get to mix with some of the great bloggers out there to in the cloud skills community.

So back to the subject as above. As we all know automation is the best way to do any repetitive task, with engineers looking to automate any task that they have to do more than once to make life easier, I try to do as much as I can. When I first started with Azure spinning up a computer from the portal was fun and new, that changed somewhat and computers whilst fun are more Guinea Pigs than the reason for having Azure. So the aim is to create them as fast and as quickly as possible in the numbers needed. also to be able to do this with very little effort.

With all this in mind I created the arm template mentioned above which initially created only 1 Windows 2016 server at a time, though now it creates multiple windows 2016 servers, though all in the same vNet and all in the same resource group. Which at the moment is sufficient, though I think that will change.

The repository is on Github at the polling address

The template does require you to provide some parameter values in the parameters.json file and once done should do the trick if the code in the Powershell script is used to run the template. Have fun and if I have made a guff of something please let me know.

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